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Want to know a secret? It turns out young kids and toddlers are actually really good at picking up after themselves. The problem is, a tiny imp known as Mr. Green: The Mess Machine always sneaks in after they play and throws their toys everywhere! That's why their rooms are always messy!

In this game Mr. Green has been trapped in a Magic Toybox by the evil witch Vann Itty. She hates seeing kids play with toys and tries to take them away so no rooms can ever be messy! Can the tiny mischief-maker escape and defeat her?


Mr. Green: The Mess Machine is an 'inverted 3d-platformer' where you swing under gaps instead of jumping over them! The game's unique control scheme has each analog stick on a dual-stick controller individually controlling each of Mr. Green's hands, giving you ultimate control of how he swings and what he swings from.

This is a demo for the Beta version of the game. The final release will feature 40+ levels of challenging fun, as well as several "Free Swing" rooms where you can play around with the game's movement mechanics in safe environments.


Please take the time to support the game on Steam Greenlight if you enjoy it.


Install instructions

Download the .rar archive, extract the files inside and run the application.

Enjoy this demo, and please concider supporting the Steam Greenlight campaign.


MrGreenBetaDemo.rar 219 MB